Student Wellness

Student life and young life in general can be very challenging allowing conditions like Anxiety and Depression to bloom. In your bundle, you will find my full spectrum CBD, filled with a variety of plant nutrients that together improve symptoms of anxiety and depression. Other students have found our CBD to produce a “calm alertness” during the day while allowing for a restful sleep at night. I hope you like others will find our comfort care bundle helpful in your daily life.

If your son/daughter displays any of the following symptoms:

– trouble focusing
– not wanting to go to class
– trouble getting out of bed
– GI symptoms (nausea, abdominal pain, and/or loose stools)
– difficulty sleeping
– lack of energy
– excessive sweating/palpitations
– headaches

Dr. Weng’s full spectrum CBD products can provide relief and benefits without side effects like sedation, dizziness, and no potential for withdrawal and/or addition.

Introducing Student Wellness CBD Bundles!

Each bundle includes a personalized card to the student from Dr. Weng including instructions on how to take the product.

Student Anxiety Bundle

Student Anxiety Bundle

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