About Dr. Weng

Charles Weng, MD

Primary Care Physician

Charles Weng, MD is an internal medicine and cannabis specialist serving Townson, Maryland. He has been practicing Internal Medicine since completing his Residency at the The University of Maryland in 1997. However, he began to turn his sites to Cannabis-based medicine after attending several conferences in Colorado a few years ago.

After hearing dozens of Cannabis practicing Physicians discuss the miraculous benefits of the plant on treating conditions ranging from Chronic pain to Parkinson's his interest continued to grow.

Since 2015, Dr. Weng and his team have provided a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental environment for patients to receive education, support and individualized treatment using both Cannabis-based medicine and traditional medicine.

His team of medical providers have studied and completed training courses in the various health benefits of the natural ingredients in the Cannabis plant. Furthermore, with our experience of treating thousands of patients, we are using this knowledge to help people achieve a better and more fulfilling life. A life where chronic pain no longer has to be a part of your daily experience. Where debilitating migraines and terrifying panic attacks from being in crowded stores or simply lying in your bed becomes something of the past and is no longer a threat. A life where those affected with Colitis can have significantly reduced GI symptoms of pain and uncontrolled bowels leading to Social anxiety.

We can work to help you and your doctor remove harsh medications including; Opioids and Benzodiazepines with unwanted side effects and experience little to no withdrawal symptoms.

Please come in and say hi if you are in the Towson area or in Havre de Grace on Saturdays.

We welcome all those who seek a Compassionate staff and a treatment regimen that is safe and empowers you the patient to living your fullest. We hope to see you soon.