What is CBD?

CBD works in a variety of ways in the body to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety as well as bring about a balance in the body’s natural physiology. It does this in a way without causing fatigue, or affecting cognition and awareness. At the same time it boosts feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin to provide a feel good quality without feeling groggy.

Interestingly, our body produces its own CBDs which normally help control the levels of stress and pain a person experiences during an injury, trauma or disease state. It has been shown that when our own CBDs are low we have higher levels of Stress, Depression, Fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, headaches etc. These conditions produce inflammatory signals, pain signals and stress hormones such as cortisol leading to weight gain and an ongoing state of both physiological and emotional distress.

This imbalance leaves us feeling drained, stiff, weak, in pain and emotionally unavailable. In fact, if you talk to any patient with chronic pain they will tell you that they experience all of these symptoms along with the side effects of prescription medications designed to help. Furthermore, it is believed that conditions such as Migraines, Fibromyalgia, IBS and others stem from a deficiency in a person’s natural Cannabidiol (CBD) reserve.

CBDs modify/decrease the degree of pain signals making its way to the brain.

With a lack of your body’s own CBD you maintain a heightened overall sensitivity to pain and stress (Anxiety). In other words, signals are constantly being sent to your brain informing you that you are in crisis mode and have pain that is very often out of proportion to the level of tissue injury/damage.

CBDs affect the level of pain you experience when you injure yourself. It allows your brain, for example, to understand the difference between scraping the knee and fracturing it.

CBDs can be taken in a variety of ways such as in capsule form, tinctures, oil vapes, sprays and topicals.

They can be taken daily or as needed, or in any combination depending on the nature of the condition.

Capsules provide long acting ( 12 hours) relief and starts to work in less than an hour, where the vape may work in minutes and last for 2-3 hours.