Here are some sustainable ways to reduce calories for both weight loss and weight maintenance

It is important to develop sustainable habits in order to keep the weight off. Habits that with time are very sim[ple to follow and will benefit your overall health and wellness.

Replace sweets with fruit. Benefits- less refined sugars means less calories and additives and no vitamins, minerals or antioxidants which are found in fruit.


Be mindful in portion size, choice of foods and time-Remember what your goals are and make your calories count (don't waste calories if you are trying to reach a goal)


Eat out less -Benefits:less sodium,less fats,less starch,more alcohol and  saves money


Get a good night's rest.Benefits: Lower cortisol levels, lower appetite,reduces overeating,   


Reduce sugary drinks such as margaritas, daiquiris, frozen drinks, Long island iced tea etc.  Wasted calories. Wine, light beer,clear rum, vodka etc


I hope this helps just a little bit in this very challenging endeavor.

Dr weng